Tuesday, 15 October 2013

If I was to only eat Tahini for the rest of my life, I'd be contented.

Dibis w'rashi is a dip consisting of just Tahini and date syrup - some recipes call for a splash of lemon juice too. It originates from Iraq, yet similar dips can be found all over the Middle East. 

Man oh man, this will change your life, it certainly did mine. Its velvety smooth, nutty, texture makes it so luxurious, scooped up generously with a warmed whole meal pitta. Pure autumnal bliss.

I generally go with a 1:4 ratio of date syrup to Tahini, but be liberal with your pouring.

Its also great mixed with a little lemon juice and tossed through a salad as a dressing, then topped with some toasted seeds, it definitely brings a boring lunch up a few notches.

I've been trying to establish whether it's acceptable to indulge on this everyday, as I really do love it. Tahini is sesame seed paste and by nature is full of fats, making it pretty calorific - something I discovered when I made the rookie mistake of googling how many calories it does contain. (Don't do it, it's best not to know). But on the upside, it's a wholefood so low in saturated fat! Paired with using date syrup as a natural sweetener, this dip is pretty damn healthy with no processed sugar in sight. If you want to read up on how jam packed tahini is with magic minerals and general goodness, have a look here: a site found as a product of great procrastination. So whilst I'm bursting with vitamins, championing a detoxified liver and healthy skin, I'm going to enjoy this savoury chocolate glory(an analogy I've just come up with to suit its indulgent feel - think it fits it quite well)guilt free. Maybe I'll just cycle home extra fast from now on.

Although, perhaps not ideal for diving in everyday. It's pretty pricey and a bit of a luxury buy for me. Whereas I can find Tahini in bulk at 900g in a local Asian supermarket cheaper than the regular sized jars, date syrup seems impossible to find cheaper. Jars going for around £2.49 for 250ml!! - Maybe don't be so liberal with the pouring, after all!

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