Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ironically, this post has no photo.... therefore I understand whole heartedly if no one reads this.

So exams are over. Well nearly. Re-write, exams are over Friday. But in my mind I am already planning a raucous weekend to celebrate the much anticipated freedom. Clearly this is the latest form my procrastination has taken. From Friday, there will be no more guilt felt when socialising instead of slumming it in the library, regardless of whether said time in the library was productive. Which shamefully is typically not. My fingertips became all too used to logging on to the PC's there and automatically trawling the guardian website, food blogs, Hotmail (I know? Surely no more thrilling than essays, right? Apparently not), and then going back through them again to see if anything had been updated before actually managing to put my head down. I'd refuse extra shifts at work because it was exam season and just wasn't the 'wise' thing to do in these last few crucial weeks, however, I'd then find myself, for those 5 hours I could have been earning money, NOT REVISING. But instead, making cups of tea (from spearmint to green, all professing marvelous life enhancing properties that I'd previously read about online... whilst procrastinating), thinking about the next meal time, cooking, eating, jogging (actually a distraction I've found quite advantageous), then going back to searching the house for a healthy snack that wouldn't crown my jog utterly worthless. All this just to pass the time, whilst endless mind-maps for essay preparation swirled over me in a dark looming cloud. My head's been filled with various things that I'd so rather be doing and will be doing once I was free from the bounds of revision, whether these things will still be appealing when I'm finished... well that's yet to be established.

Actually food has increasingly become a pretty prominent feature in my day-to-day life. Whether it be drooling over recipes online, or goggling at beautiful baking blogs, researching foods that promise great things meaning I'll never have to exercise again, or simply raiding the fridge for my next carb or sugar hit. Yet when it comes to food blogs, I'm still unsure to whether it is the delightful food itself that keeps me coming back for another bite or whether I'm simply being lured in by the seamless aesthetics, arty designs, and writing styles these bloggers fashion. One thing definitely prevails for me when deciding whether a lifestyle blog will make the cut for my ever cumulative and disorganised list of bookmarks, and refreshed weekly, eager for that next post to hit the spot, although it's never quite satisfied. It's all down to the photographs. Every time. If there's no eye pleasing, inspiring, snaps of that perfectly tempting slice of homemade banana bread screaming out for that strong, steaming mug of black coffee tactfully lingering in shot.... then thanks, but no thanks. 

Oh wait. Backtrack. Having initially confessed that I was undecided to why I read lifestyle/food blogs, quite helpfully, writing this paragraph has banished any doubt in my mind. It's not the food, no matter how knee-weakening that seductively moist chocolate brownie is, lay on a bed of strawberries(making it healthier and all that more justifiable). No. It's the photographs of it, hands down. 

Well at least I've achieved something today, albeit it not revision.  

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